27 April 2013

WK 204 Allsorts - Anything but a card!


This week at Allsorts we have been challenged not to make a card, i thought i would share a new project i have started with you.  I am making an afghan blanket. Inspired by attic 24 and tiny tin birds blogs!

The beginning a lovely pile of rainbow coloured wool!

My progress so far is 5 squares - i chose granny squares and am trying to keep the centres yellow so they are like flower bursts

Only 100 squares required in total - how long till next winter :o)

It is very soft so will be lovely in my long awaited craft room

Happy Crafting


  1. Hi Tracy, Looking good and cant wait to see finished item. I have just finished a shawl for grand child no, 2 will post asap. Have a great w,end. xxx

  2. It's really lovely to see something a little but different Tracy, it might seem like a long way to go but if patchwork is anything to go by it will soon make up.

    Hope you are going to share a picture of the finished article.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    B x

  3. I bet it will be amazing when it's finished

  4. These square look super Tracy. this is something I have never been able to get the hang of! I would have to knit the squares. Love to see it when you have finished
    x catherine

  5. Thank you for your kind comment. Looks like you have your work cut out with your afghan. I am sure it will be beautiful.


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