30 May 2015

Allsorts Week 313 Vintage

Hi All

Happy Saturday.  Tracy Mouse is hosting us this week and has set the theme 


The theme is to create anything you like but make sure you have some kind of vintage image on your creation.

I did not interpret the theme correctly for this week and went for a vintage colour scheme and accessories so dont use me as a role model this week- sorry Tracy Mouse!

Now our Sponsors this week...............

Jiggery Makery My name is Adele, I graduated in 2013 with a degree in Interior Design and I am currently a carer for my Grandma but in my spare time I love designing digital stamps. They are mostly inspired by 1940/50s Pin-ups and can be quite sassy. My favorite Pin Up artist is Gil Elvgren, whose work is just stunning. I have been both a crafter and an artist alternately all my life but finally feel I have been able to achieve a great balance as a digital stamp designer. Jiggery Makery is my brand, my creative expression and a way to share what I love.


  1. Still a gorgeous card,xxxxx

  2. It's a very pretty creation Tracy, I have a bit of a thing for floral wreaths and I always think vintage is like shabby chic in as much it's all down to individual interpretation.

    Hope you weekend is a good one.

    B x

  3. This is lovely and such a beautiful sentiment :)

  4. I think your card is a fine model to use, it's gorgeous!


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