4 September 2013

And now for something completely different


I've been rediscovering my love of jewellery of late, there is a great bead shop in St Ives and I am always inspired when I go to Cornwall.  I did a class this time and truly loved it, as I have quite a bit of stuff accumulated I decided why not start making a few bits again for the enjoyment of it.

Some of what I make will probably be destined for presents, as I am trying to use what I have!

I will share a few of the bits I make, I wasn't going to but have had a couple of requests!

This is the bracelet I started at the workshop I did in Cornwall, its all done in peyote stitch (I wont tell you how many attempts it took to perfect it!)

I love the colours!


  1. Very pretty Tracy and nice colours as well.

    B x

  2. Tracy
    Your bracelet is absolutely beautiful - what a beautiful design and what patience you must have!! Hugs


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